Void is nothing and everything, an infinite ultimatum. What is the Void? It is a great question that has such a variety of answers because void terminology is really hard to describe with strict definition. Defining void would destroy the void. Its work, form, and existence is undefined. We can only describe it with various adjectives, visions emerging from different cultures, paraphrase diverse workings, and influences in our Universe. It is mystical, dark, and invisible to human meaning. Void is absolute null, emptiness that connects everything, hollowness, openness of our Universe, an empty lake filled with everything, without forms and with all forms, always changing and morphing, a thick lingering dark mist, infinity of openness, place where mass and time lose their reason for existence. Quite a universal point of view on such a notorious existence that covers everything, but if we fly down to the really small stuff (quantum levels), inside our being, void paradoxically gets even more meaning.

Void becomes a dark gap between material and immaterial, a place between dreams and the world, the unexplained shadow self, undefined matter waiting to get life, ideas urging to get form, the shapeless lies of our ego, possible illusions and manifestation of ourselves, the source of our power or weakness, all immersed in the infinite.

				 - Void Magick 
				  by Thomas Chaote