import utility comes preinstalled with ImageMagick

with selection import test.png

for specific window import -window "$(xdotool getwindowfocus)" test.png

for all monitor import -window root test.png

for croping specific monitor or resolution import -window root -crop 1920x1880+0+0 test.png

for gravity option import -window root -gravity NorthEast -crop 1920x1080+1920+8 test.png

for more than one screenshot import -snaps 3 test.png

for with delay sleep 3 && import test.png

adding effects

negating colors import -negate test.png

  • monochrome

resizing image import -resize 25% test.png

rotate image import -rotate 45 test.png

setting transparency for colors import -transparent '#33393B' filemanager.png