These are basic cheatsheet for sufficient vim usecase.

o - opens the new line below cursor O - opens the new line above cursor

:w - saves as to filename :! - exectute external command v :w - saves the current cursor line in filename document :r - retrieve the text from filename document and insert into into the document at cursor

x - delete the word r - replace the word ce - delete or change the word

(c-G) - to see the status line number and G - to goto the line number

gg - goto to top of document GG - got to the bottom of document

/word - search the word ?word - search the word

/s/oldword/newword - substitute oldword with newword in line at cursor

/s/x/y/g - substitute x with y globally

/s/x/y/gc - substitute x with y globally but asking confirmation at every instance of occurance

:%s/old/new/g - substitute old with new in the whole file :%s/old/new/gc - substitute old with new in the whole file with confirmation prompt

:s/thee/the - simple substitute command :s/thee/the/g - simple substitute command for all occurrences in line

% to spawn cursor at other side of the brackets

for more see: vimtutor