Remember that boring old looking “index of” page?

default apache directory listing Default apache directory listing

Needless to mention this blinding white screen?

Ever wonder if you can change the way it look?
It turns out you can change it!
After Suddenly stumbling upon this mindblowing article I decided to make one of mine.

I copied every line of code from that article and edited css to my liking to give it my flavour.

Well it was nice looking and all well except the styling didnt continue when navigating to folders.
And asset base needed just to render it was too much.

Now you should consider exploring the comments section of that article. It contains various alternative to same approach.

One of those guy name “Lorenzo” created this Minixed. It uses simple “index.php” file alone.

I adopted it to create my own Notes Server

My Notes/Files server My Customized Directory Listing

This looks Elegant and Beautiful isnt it?

With Minixed I can have many folders and all sorts of files I want.

Why this neccessary?

  • It serve as a purpose of having file server.
  • It looks good.

This is amazing to know, you can do all sorts of things with just php alone.
And Every day I go little bit closer to find it out.

Note: If you are wondering how to enable Directory listing in your webserver refer to this guide.