Welcome to My Digital Garden

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“Sometimes ‘Just Write it down’ can be a good brain tonic!”


In this Garden you’ll find my knowledge base which has cover vast variety of topics I enjoy. I may not be expert in all of them and not all the stuff I wrote here are my opinion or claimed fact.

What is this exactly?

Well, This is a digital garden!

A Digital Garden is like a Personal wiki, Second Brain or a knowledge database of thoughts and ideas. Similar to a traditional garden, a digital one with containers of various kinds of topics (plants), which are always growing and which may even be unrelated to each other. Ideas are not refined, thoughts are not tailored. Here is the detailed Article I written about Digital Gardens.

I prefer to say it as my Book of Shadow like a Grimoire its sounds witchy that way.

🌱 Topics to explore:

  1. Some#personal Stuff.
  2. Some#Reviews of Movies and Books
  3. #Excerpts of books that I collected
  4. #ctfs for cybersecurity

Aside from#blogs the real garden start in#notes section. I treasured Resources and interesting links I found on internet in #links .

Enjoy Exploring.