Recently I’ve started using obsidian. I discovered its a Fantastic Closed Source Tool for storing the notes, organizing them with tags, folders, and links and see the beautiful graph of connecting nodes like a neurons in brain. It just act like your second brain. Its a database of can be anything, your knowledge base, your notes, your thoughts, your collections of texts anything. It can become kanban if you want and can become webdevelopment platform. The possibilities are limitless. PS: It can also act like vim.

I am not sure but in the obsidian community its a kind of culture of Digital Garden. To showcase your knowledge base, your second brain in some form. There are plugins for that. You can host your stuff with vercel, github pages and so on. but enough about obsidian. So where was I …

ohh so After stumbling on various different approach to hosting notes I landed on obsidian atlast. However the thing about me is I havent set one approach for hosting notes. so being indecisive I posted them sorta all over the place. How? this is how!

I am currently registered with three pubnixes: 1. 2. 3.

Envs allows the directory indexing in public_html directory. Taking the advantage of it I kinda “CSSed” the directory for “notes” and make it look like a website. Also in root of public_html I kinda reinventing my own web2.0 look for homepage.

exozyme provide whole another level of pubnix experience, very unique in their own way. Instead giving each member public_html to serve their site content they opened the websocket based directory structured in /srv/http where any users can make directory or put websocket to make it available as “” subdomain.

before joining any of these pubnix i kinda used to host my neovoid pages in codeberg pages. which I sorta moved away from once realized then kinda slow and out of service sometimes.

and for it is restricted by my ISP to even surf their website. so its cave full of spiderwebs for me rn.

so some notes I hosted in envs and somenotes I created when i was use write in my neovoid site hosted on codeberg. which i still preserved in exozyme.

Now the thing is after discovering obsidian second brain thingy and seeing how people effeciently use it as their personal website as well storage of large database of notes and blogs I thought to myself why not try it. After all there are various ways to do it one way is obsidian publish and sync but that cost a lot and as I am being jobless I cant do that and second is through unofficial solutions like quartz which is fantastic. but then again my too negative mind give me vibes that “I kinda unable to find soul in it”.

Then there is this svelte framework which is absolutely awesome. and I love to learn it. However the site structured I adored and makes me dive into the mess of self hosting everything is The way they had every and thoughts, notes and blogs hosted makes me makes something similar to it.

So what is the solution: for one I thinking to just stick to obsidian now and pull over all the notes and blogs spread across various platforms and learn the art of stop worrying and letting the obsidian do its work, maybe also I should see how others manages their blogs structure learn to not restrict my mind for any particular set of norms of believes. because with obsidian possibilities are infinite.