Harry Potter Is about undying friendship, astonishing power of mothers love, finding ray of hope in the darkest of times, and how even one little lamp of hope can make darkness cease to its existence.

When I Was little I saw the glimpse of chamber of secret of cable tv only a few minutes part. By seeing it my heart felt with mystical breeze which It was the magic of harrypotter that flew through my veins. I didnt get the chance to watch the movie fully at that point and I cried for get a DVD but our village store didnt had that particular dvd at that time so to compensate it they braught me instead jurasic park. Which was nicer too.

After some time my parents finally brought Philosopher stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Goblet of Fire. Watching them one by one that magical feeling grew stronger.

I started collecting new paper cuttings that talks about HarryPotter. I practically recited every spells and dialogues of characters. In hindi version they sound like a rythemic song.

I read about Daniel Radcliff his journey to casting when he was young and other characters. We didnt had internet at that time in my village. Apparently Jio wasnt formed then.

I always wonders what is it about this particular movie that I cry when I didnt get it when I was little. Why I can feel the walls of hogwarts. and the smell of air that flows through them.

Is it something about the movie? Is it just a movie or a real thing happened somewhere in parallel universe. (At that time I didnt knew about multiverse) But Imagineing that Hidden world of magickal folks does exist in between our own and they charmed everything that non magick folk cant see them or hear them It just hinting the parallel universe theory that latter starts to reach popularity.

When I grew and got internet I read all the books of series. The thing about the movies of HP is they are crafted very well from all angle that it touches your own. Its magickal music, Its scenario, Cameragraphy, Choreography, Screenplays. Even though each movie is directed by different director the consistency of their unique flavours throught the end never lacks.

This Universe and story have given me different perspective towards life. and I will talk about it next time.