`The Concept of “Soul purpose” is also called “Atma ka karak” or “desire of the soul”. It determines what desires and challenges your soul has to face in this life.

Look for highest Degree planet in your chart (except rahu, ketu)

If your highest degree planet is:

1. Moon

If Moon is your Atma ka karak then you have borned for spreading compassion, love, and patching up the departed souls. Your nature is Peace Loving, You dont like chaotic and disturbing enviroment. You have friendly nature, easy going and make friends easily. You have born to propogate True Love in peoples. and Same will be your challenges too. These things might not come easy to you. You will find difficulties getting love by yourself cuz this is your challege and purpose to seek true love in your life.

2. Sun

Having Sun as highest degree planet fills your mind with ego and ambition. You want to do something bigger, earn in billions, chase after higher purpose, you’d demand huge respect. Only after becoming calm you will understand that yo are born to protect your loved ones, your family, friends, your colleagues. You will never ignore them, and always look after them. Naturally you are a Leader and full of confidence. You’ll never get ignored wherever you go. You sould loves to be center of attraction.

Your soul’s purpose is to destroy this Ego you have and turn it into humbleness. This is what your soul is seeking and aside of this you will face many other challenges regarding when your sun has highest degree comes.

3. Saturn

If Saturn has the highest degree know this You have done lot of sins in your past life and your born to get free of those sins. This situation brings many challenges in ones life. And you will love old things, antiques, Histories, Documentaries, old Movies, songs etc. You will generate interest to read Vedas, Puranas various Scriptures. You might have develop the feeling that you have become very old in your childhood because the amount of knowledge or experience you have in very young age.

When saturn become the aatma karak planet you will become the observer of suffering, pain, sadness of everyones including yours. You will feel and be alone, and you have equiped with capability of even bearing through ending up in your life alone. and being tough planet as saturn you will face tough challenges and you have to do hardwork and someway you have accepted that you have to be hardworker in order to success in your life. Thats is your soul purpose.

4. Mercury

If Mercury is your highest degree planet you will enjoy talking, sharing thoughts, ideas, becoming owl of night and making plans in night. This lovely planet makes you smart, intelligent, witty, humorous having self esteem, you think alot. You will be interested in doing challenging things or regarding workplace, business related things. Mercury tells you to become versatile, adaptive now matter where you go and this is your nature too. You are master of speech or your voice. Being damn intelligent you know when someone tries to deceive you and you give appropriate response to them. This is your soul’s purpose to explore and learn about different business culture and communities. You’ll also find yourself traveling in hillstations, mountain areas, beaches and riversides alot.

but this also gives you health related challenges and accepting and overcoming them is your soul’s purpose.

5. Venus

You will find happiness in luxuaries, travelling, buying expensive things, watching beautiful things whether its painting, artwork, ladies/mens. You’ll love gathering knowlege, you cant hide secrets and you love to share thing with other. And most joy will get is from sacrificing your share to needy. Being a venus it will give you all sort of pleasures there is but you need to understand the difference between love and lust and this is your soul’s purpose.

6. Mars

You wil find joy in things like ‘Adrenaline Rush’ where things are competitive, where risk is involved. You will be devoted to your work. Being a competitive nature you will do anything to finish the work that is given to you and tries to excel at work. You’ll be emotional and thinks at night you have done so much effort but still waiting for peace and next day start working again like before.

You will be voilent and angry you cant deny this. and this is your challenge and soul’s purpose to controll your anger and learn to accept that work will always present in life but that doesnt mean you forget to live and only do work work work. To conquer this toxic working tendancies and anger is your soul’s purpose.

7. Jupiter

If jupiter is your atma karak planet then this your both curse and boon. Knowledge will be your curse and boon. Your craving for knowledge will never end. You will love learning and teaching knowlege. Whatever course you do subject you persue you will find it incomplete and unsatisfactory. while other satisfying from it.

Having jupiter as highest degree planet it demands purity, satvikta and if you are doing heavy alcohol, non veg and seeking lustful pleasures you will get temporary pleasure but your inner soul will never be happy. and in longer terms you will lead unhappy life. but if you are following satvik lifestyle you will be satisfied and get true happiness from within. and this is your soul’s true purpose to live a satvik lifestyle and get true happiness.

Source: Mystery behind your Birth by Astro Arun Pandit