This is a kind of Haunted Tv Show I was consider to be “a real paranormal horror experience” I was kinda lost all these years.

I used to watch horror / paranormal movies, tv shows from very childhood. In the beginning I can feel the jump scare and the haunting experience but at the times goes on and new shows started comming with same repitative storyline and jumpscare tactics it gotten boring over the times so much that I sorta become immune to being horrified from these kind of movies since that was the reason people wants to watch such movies for the feels of chills and thrills and haunted ghosty experience.

Conjuring the first movie when came that scene when clothes stuck on ghost and makes it appearance presence that gave me a jumpscare and that was moment I thought I am now watching a genuine paranormal movie.

Now such kind of experience I only got in this Haunting of Hill House movie. First jump scare or say real horror I feel when seeing that very tall man but the thing about this particular movie makes me start to write reviews is the kind of story telling they did here was out of this world. I mean who would have thought a story can be unveiled in this way that in the end it completes the circuit of time.

I love this one. I would like to watch it again. However I know that I wont be able to enjoy it again as much of first time cuz all the excitement and surprise I already learned.

However I would like to read its book too now that I have learned that it also has a book. I wonder what world of chills it may bring to me.