Here our target site is

  1. Open Terminal Type this command grep -o “file/d/.*/view” <(curl -s

Add awk, to print the middle part: | awk -F/ ‘{print $3}‘

  1. This should print you all the wget commands which are going to be executed: for id in (grep -o "file/d/.*/view" <(curl -s | awk -F/ '{print 3}’); do echo wget -nc —content-disposition “$id&export=download”; done

  2. Remove Echo Word and execute like this: for id in (grep -o "file/d/.*/view" <(curl -s | awk -F/ '{print 3}’); do wget -nc —content-disposition “$id&export=download”; done

Note: -nc flag won’t override the existing one in case you rerun the command again