🎮 TicTacToe using javascript (ughh)

No matter how much I despise javascript but how can I resist the idea of showcasing this little game in my website?

Actually I found this game on wappalyzer addon. I was fascinated to see it and started digging its code.

Wappalyzer is handy website useful for finding out the technology stack of any website.

Their browser addon is even more handy. but when the addon dont have anything to show this applet let you play tictactoe to alleviates the boredom.

🎮 TicTacToe in Action

Here is the game in embeded in iframe. Similarly its easily accessible from links section.

I put the game in seperate html page (ttt.html), sort out its stylesheet in its own css (css/ttt.css) and its javascript (scripts/game.js).

You can embed this game is your site by using above snippet. Customize the syling elements as your need ofc.

All the source code can be found in my Codeberg Repo!

Honestly I am not a champion in this game but I am persistent in learning although I admit I had hard time winning this game at first but more I played the more I learn to defeat the Ai.